How to help

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Get involved, make a difference! You can help eradicate and prevent homelessness in Mobile and Baldwin counties by donating or volunteering your time. You can find volunteer opportunities here.  

The average cost to rapidly rehouse a family is around $2,500, while the average yearly cost to assist a person or family in need of intensive services is around $7,000 per year. When compared to the the $25,000 that it costs our community each year for each homeless individual, these are small amounts. We hope that you will consider supporting our efforts to rehouse every homeless person, vet, and family in southern Alabama. Together, we can change hopelessness into hope, while building a stronger community.

Examples of giving power:

$1 could support our outreach efforts by supporting the purchase of outreach supplies, such as blankets, and bug spray
$5.00 could help support Project Homeless Connect, a one day service fair where the area’s homeless are provided much needed services such as court, legal, medical, dental, and photo ids.
$50 could help support a fund to build and operate a true emergency family shelter, which is absent in our community at this time

Adopt a family or person with disabilities opportunities:
$250 allows a move in packet to be purchased for a family or disabled person (vet or non-vet) who has been accepted into a supportive housing program. Often these families and persons come into these programs without anything
more than the (often tattered) clothing on their backs. This package
provides them with much needed items, as they are moving in.