Point-In-Time Count

Mobile-And-Baldwin-Countes-Ten-Year-Plan-t-oReduce-Homelessness-1Housing First, Inc. performed the annual Point-in-Time (PIT) Count of the homeless in Mobile and Baldwin counties on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. The count is a national event and is conducted throughout urban and rural communities on a single night during the last ten days of January. The data collected from the local count is used to provide a picture of homelessness in Mobile and Baldwin counties in order to evaluate gaps in housing and services and to foster community plans on ending homelessness. The data is also used to drive new and continued funding sources for affordable housing and homeless services in our community. The PIT Count focuses on sheltered homeless individuals and families residing in an emergency shelter, transitional housing, hotel, hospital or Safe Haven on the night of the count, as well as unsheltered homeless individuals throughout Mobile and Baldwin counties. The count is carried out locally through a collaboration of community service volunteers, religious organizations, invested stakeholders, and community-minded volunteers. 

Here are last year’s numbers:

2015 Point-in-Time Count Numbers:
Total Number:  640
Total HUD Number: 577
Total Number For the City of Mobile: 534
Total HUD Re-portable Number for the City of Mobile: 486
Total Number for Mobile County: 80
Total HUD Re-portable Number for Mobile County: 54
Total Number for Baldwin County: 26
Total HUD Re-portable Number for Baldwin County: 26