15 Place Multi Service Center

15Place-300x225Community Connections Network (CCN) is a coordinate assessment system operated by Housing First, Inc. in Mobile and Baldwin counties. CCN is a community resource database that brings services to families and individuals that are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. This system is easily accessed, uses standardized assessment tools and is designed for responding effectively and timely to households, individuals, and families seeking information and assistance for housing and community services. This is accomplished through a collaboration of service providers, government jurisdictions and housing organizations that are connected through the database so that the client only has to fill out one assessment form to see what they qualify for.

The CCN Central is located at 15 Place, a multi-service center, which utilizes a coordinated assessment system to intake people experiencing homelessness. 15 Place’s primary goal for its clients is to function as a one stop shop for as many services and resources a homeless person may need. Through coordinated assessment 15 Place connects its clients to case management resources, helps them locate permanent, affordable housing, and provides them with resources that can assist them in sustaining their housing. To begin this process you can contact 15 Place Multi Service Center at 251.450.3345 or at 279 N Washington Avenue, Building B, Mobile AL 36603. Its hours of operation are Monday–Friday from 6 am until 6 pm and Saturday for the USA Wellness Clinic from 8 am until 12 pm by appointment only.

Joining the coordinated assessment system will be required of all of 15 Place’s clients. This assessment is a process in which the client is asked a series of questions to determine which housing program they may be eligible for. The first step of the coordinated assessment is prescreening, the prescreening tool determines whether or not a client meets the HUD standards of homelessness.

The second step in coordinated assessment is triage. The triage is where the client is asked a series of questions to determine the clients Vulnerability Index-Service Prioritization and Decision Assistance (VI-SPDAT) score. VI-SPDAT is a first-of-its-kind tool designed to fill this need, helping communities end homelessness in a quick, strategic fashion. The VI-SPDAT is designed to help you calibrate your response based on the individual, not merely the general population category into which they may fall (e.g., vulnerable, chronically homeless, etc.). This process allows our system to understand our homeless clients on an individual basis so that we can tailor our services to fit their needs.

The final step of coordinated assessment is intake. Intake is a series of questions about the client’s demographic, such as, income, insurance, and reason for homelessness. After intake has been completed the intake specialist runs the clients potential housing eligibility. The client will then be referred to a data specialist that connects them to open housing programs, funding, and resources that will help the client escape homelessness.


Are you or someone you know homeless or at risk of becoming homeless?

If so contact us at:
279 N Washington Ave. Moible, AL 36609
251.450.3345 or Outreach@hfal.org